Shopify vs. WooCommerce: Which is Better to Open an Online Store?


Growing a business is a cakewalk if you do it online. Innumerable people on the internet might discover your brand, feel like trying your products or services, and purchase while browsing. But to open an online store, there are incalculable platforms available. The most renowned platforms among them are Shopify and WooCommerce.

Both provide outstanding services but come with their fair share of shortcomings. If you are wondering which one to choose, help yourself make an informed decision by reading this blog.

Overview: Shopify vs. WooCommerce

Before diving into the details of Shopify and WooCommerce directly, let’s take a quick look at the highlights of these platforms that make them stand out.

Shopify: It is a one-stop solution for retailers seeking an online store with fewer technicalities. Opening an online store and running a business without handling technical aspects such as web hosting, security, caching, and more is easy on Shopify.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce is an open-source platform built for WordPress-based websites. The plug-in is easy to install and allows retailers to turn their regular website into a robust online store equipped with all the essential e-commerce features.

Scalability of Each Platform

Of course, like every entrepreneur, you must have a plan to grow your business in the coming years. That’s why investing in a platform that allows unrestricted scalability becomes crucial. Check out how these two platforms work when it comes to scalability.

Shopify: The “growth plans” of your business are smoothly handled by Shopify. When your business grows, you have to upgrade your Shopify plan. Scalability, security, and performance—Shopify takes care of everything.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce is a customizable and self-managed platform that does not take on the responsibility of maintaining updates, backups, or the security of your website.

Cost of Services

Shopify: It offers a 14-day trial without a credit card. Here’s the monthly price list:

  • Basic Shopify: $29 per month
  • Shopify Lite: $9 per month
  • Shopify: $79 per month
  • Advanced Shopify: $299 per month.

WooCommerce: There are no installation charges. For the extensions, you have to pay a reasonable price.

  • Add 9% + $0.30 to transactions made with a credit or debit card issued in the United States. For cards that are issued outside the U.S., there’s an additional 1% fee.

Suitability for your Business

Growing a business via online solutions is easy, but only if you choose the right one. Taking both Shopify and WooCommerce into consideration, both are fantastic platforms. Both have distinct features and specialties, which explains why their suitability for various businesses varies.

Shopify Suitability: If your business is small and you want to avoid getting into many technicalities, then Shopify is a great platform.

WooCommerce Suitability: For business owners seeking a cost-friendly platform to open an online store, WooCommerce is the best. WooCommerce is reasonably priced and offers tons of customization facilities.


Opening an online store is a must to take your business to the next level. With Shopify and WooCommerce, going online has become effortless. However, for the most pleasing services, it would be great to choose a platform after thorough consideration. Consider the factors discussed in this article to make an informed decision for your business. For more details on this topic, please head to our detailed blog.

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