How Nivara Helped L'amore Beauty

How Nivara Helped L’amore Beauty?

Today, in the beauty industry, it’s vital to grab customers’ attention and differentiate yourself from the competition. So, our dedicated team has worked to minimize the number of visitors who leave the site. L’amore Beauty is a perfect place for beauty lovers and those who want healthy and glowing skin. But, unfortunately, their website appeared to be outdated and not visually appealing. This is why our professional and experienced designers and developers used different methods to revamp L’amore Beauty’s website.

Moreover, our team added new aspects and made some changes so the website looks excellent both inside and outside.

What problems did the client face?

There are two main issues that our client faced, namely:

1. Conversion Rate

L’amore Beauty needed some strategy to increase their store’s sales and entice more customers. Their bounce rate was very high, and the leads were not converting into customers. Also, their site’s UI/UX designs had to be attractive and engaging to motivate customers to stay on the site and help the business to thrive.

2. Mobile Optimization

To convey its message to customers most effectively, L’amore Beauty had to make some improvements to its website. This involved optimizing the site for mobile devices, redesigning the user interface, integrating new features, optimizing content, customizing code, and adding meta fields to improve the website’s structure and make it easier for users to navigate.

How did we help L’amore Beauty?

Our team at Nivara conducted a thorough analysis of L’amore Beauty’s website and identified key areas for improvement. To help them tell their story to customers smoothly, we revamped the L’amore Beauty websites. Our team improved the user interface, integrated new elements, optimized content, customized code, and added meta fields. These changes enhanced the site architecture and made the user journey more intuitive, especially on mobile devices.

We ensured that the website’s appearance and navigation delivered an exclusive user experience, getting maximum reach and conversions. Our team changed the font family, added video sliders, ensured consistent heading sizes across all pages, and optimized the code at the backend for smooth flow.


1. Color

Understanding how colors affect consumer behavior is essential to attract potential customers to your products. By utilizing certain color classes and styling links, you can make a significant impact.

2. Typography and spacing

The design elements, such as headings, body text, spacing, width, line heights, and font size, all contribute to the flow of reading and make it simpler and more convenient for visitors to navigate the site.

3. Layouts

Having a well-defined web layout is crucial for enhancing the user experience. In addition, it simplifies navigation for customers, thus preventing frustration and discouraging them from leaving the website.

Fidelity concepts

To create better user experiences, it’s crucial to have a robust design process that doesn’t restrict creativity or attention to detail. This is where fidelity concepts can help to achieve this.

1. Low fidelity- Sketching

A low-fidelity wireframe is a basic blueprint for a digital screen, web page, or application. It includes only essential elements that will be present in the final product. Designers and programmers use low-fidelity wireframes to determine the placement of images, text, buttons, and interactive features.

All in all, we helped L’amore Beauty by generating ideas on paper and creating multiple designs to establish the foundation for the upcoming stage.

2. Medium fidelity- Wireframes

Medium-fidelity wireframes are more detailed than low-fidelity ones. They feature accurate spacing, headlines, and buttons and may be displayed in a sequence called a wireflow to explain how web pages will work together. These wireframes are typically made using a wireframing tool to ensure precision and detail.

To bring our UX work to life, we create a semi-functional design by wireframing our collected ideas. We then remove any concepts that aren’t working well enough in the low-fidelity form.

3. High fidelity- Prototypes

High fidelity represents the final designs of the project. Generally, it involves topography, colors, pictures, icons, etc.

Creating high-fidelity wireframes requires more time and resources than low and medium-fidelity wireframes. Therefore, they should be used for projects that have gained approval from all stakeholders and are ready for production. These wireframes are typically created digitally to achieve the necessary level of detail.

Design system and style

Our team has created a design system that enhances the website development process and user experience. With this system, clients can ensure consistency and save valuable time when implementing new features.

  • Primary colors: Pink, green, bluish, purple, orange, and light pink.
  • Secondary Colors: Black and white.

Heading TT norms

  • Heading 1 – 60px
  • Heading 2 – 60px
  • Heading 3 – 24px
  • Heading 4 – 24px
  • Heading 5 – 22px
  • Heading 6 – 20px


At Nivara, we offered L’amore Beauty’s website a personalized makeover by improving its design layout and integrating product pages, resulting in an excellent shopping experience for the customers.

Our collaboration with L’amore Beauty resulted in a successful website makeover that improved their brand image and improved their online sales. The new website design helped L’amore Beauty to develop a strong online presence and to improve its brand credibility. In addition, the website’s clear navigation system made it simpler for people to find what they were searching for, and the streamlined product pages boosted conversions.

June 6, 2023
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