Checklist to Consider when Revamping Existing Wix Ecommerce Website


Eight out of ten people judge a business’s credibility based on its website design. Thus, the importance of an excellent web design is evident. Depending on your business goals, you might want to revamp your Wix eCommerce site design and add/remove functionalities to improve the user experience.

We have prepared a quick checklist for the time when you decide to redesign your Wix eCommerce website. This blog covers the top five things you must consider while revamping your existing site.

5 Things To Consider When Redesigning Your Wix Ecommerce Website

1. Remember, you are not your target customer!

It is one of the most crucial facts you must remember when revamping your existing Wix eCommerce website. You need to admit that you are NOT your ideal customer. It sounds simple, but we often gravitate towards what we like when making branding decisions.

Personal choices drive our lives, so naturally, we tend to think our customers will definitely love what we love. But chances are they might not! It is because there may be a few strategic differences between your preferences. And these preferences are what you want to define while redesigning your eCommerce website.

2. Keep track of changes and new features.

If you plan to launch new features or tweak existing ones while revamping your store, don’t forget to study the impact it has on customer behavior and sales. It is crucial to successfully identify and resolve any issues to mitigate the effect that they could have on your business.

Tracking changes & new features is crucial to find out what is happening with your business and how it affects sales and behavior. Don’t forget a change is not a one-way street. Your customers won’t necessarily love the features you think they might love. So, if you find the new features not performing well, you will know what to do.

3. Optimize for your customer’s device, not yours!

Three-fourths of online shoppers make purchases on mobile devices. Hence, it is evident that your Wix eCommerce website must be compatible with mobile screens. Think RESPONSIVE from the start! It might be challenging to scale the details of a big screen for a smaller size, but it certainly is possible.

While designing a feature, you must parallelly test it for different screen sizes. Because sometimes, it may look great on one screen, while the elements might be deranged for a smaller screen, and some of the features may become invisible. No matter which screen you use, continually optimize your website for the screens your customers use.

4. Provide easy-to-use navigation.

It is common for eCommerce stores to offer multiple categories and sub-categories in the navigation menu. What is essential is that navigation menus must not be complicated. Navigation must help customers identify store hierarchy and parent-child relationships between the categories. And not confuse them or make them unsure of where to look for products they need. Therefore, you must use a clear & straightforward category hierarchy that makes it easy to scan the products.

A difficult-to-navigate eCommerce website may frustrate the customers, and they may leave without purchasing anything. It leads to your business losing potential customers.

5. Never skimp on search functionalities.

Never, we repeat, NEVER! Onsite search engines offer convenience to customers. Therefore, while revamping your Wix eCommerce site, make sure your search bar identifies synonyms & spelling mistakes, autocompletes queries, and gives results for similar products.

Regardless, your search engine should always direct customers to where they want to be. Therefore, another crucial aspect to keep in mind while defining search functionalities is that it must retain the original customer query.

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These are vital points you must consider while redesigning your Wix eCommerce website. And you can get in touch with us if you need help with your store! We are a renowned digital agency for eCommerce businesses. We can help you with the design, development, and marketing of your eCommerce store. So let us know how we may help you!

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