Shopify or Wix: Choosing The Right eCommerce Platform For Your Business

Many eCommerce platforms are available today, including Shopify or Wix, which are also known as the top options for business owners worldwide. In fact, they are considered the future of e-business. But what exactly are the differences between the two? And what’s the one that is best for your business? Below are our thoughts as an eCommerce marketing agency with experience in the industry.

The Pricing

Let’s get straight to one of the top issues for eCommerce website development for owners – the pricing. Between Shopify or Wix, Wix is less expensive and more ideal for your budget. Currently, the monthly plan for Shopify starts at $29 and Wix at $28. Meanwhile, their most costly monthly plan is at $299 and $56, respectively.

Template Options

Having plenty of template options means that you can create a personalized and unique website for your business. Also, there must be templates that will cater to your needs and requirements. In this factor, both Shopify or Wix offer an array of templates to choose from. They are also organized by category, so you can easily find a suitable template for your business. For instance, Shopify has around 73 available templates for online stores, while Wix has 114. Wix has more variety, but Shopify offers more precise template designs.


If you’re building your website on your own and have little background knowledge, it’s best to use an eCommerce platform with great usability features. For example, Wix has a drag-and-drop feature that easily lets you place elements wherever you want them to. It’s effortless and very intuitive to use. On the other hand, Shopify is not entirely user-friendly. It may need some back-end editing, which will require some research or the help of professionals such as the team from Nivara. However, the resulting product of Shopify tends to be easier to navigate since it is mainly made for eCommerce than general web design.

Integrations, plugins, and add-ons

In this area, Shopify bests Wix. This is because the former is more open to plenty of platforms when it comes to integration, ranging from marketing platforms, inventory management, and more. There are also plenty of add-ons and plugins offered by Shopify. Meanwhile, Wix does not allow much platform integration. And while its main focus is on add-ons, it still has fewer than what Shopify has.


This feature is critical since half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile-friendliness also helps in a website’s ranking through Google’s mobile-first index. In this area, Shopify tops Wix. It offers fully responsive websites that quickly restructure themselves to fit the screen of any device. On the other hand, Wix requires you to restructure the page manually to ensure that it will fit in all devices.

The future of your e-business lies in creating the best eCommerce website. So, choose your eCommerce platform wisely. If you want to save up while having more freedom with creativity, we recommend Wix. But, if you want a website focused mainly on eCommerce and is mobile-friendly, Shopify is the one for you. For more information about Shopify or Wix, schedule a call with an eCommerce marketing agency such as Nivara today.

November 20, 2021
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