Strategies on How to Improve Your Shopify Store

So, you decided to go online to sell your products and services and have a better reach to potential customers. This is a good business decision, especially in this time of crisis that restricts customers from going out and visiting physical stores. But at the same time, it’s actually quite a challenge. If you want to get a good reach and big amount of active user on your online store then first you need to improve your Shopify store for a good user experience with the help of creative designs and the best shades.

After all, creating an online store is more than going to Shopify and establishing one. Many Shopify store operators don’t meet their revenue targets more often than not since they lose sight of their strategy or fail to develop one. And since the eCommerce landscape keeps evolving and becoming more competitive by the day, having no strategy at all is worrying.

So, if you’re having trouble getting that revenue target with your Shopify store, here are some strategies you can take:


One of the most helpful ways in grabbing the attention of your website visitors is through opt-in forms. For instance, pop-up messages that display when someone visits your site encouraging them to “opt-in” to discounts, incentives, sales, and more. This way is good option for Improve Your Shopify Store website.

How effective are they? Well, on average, pop-ups contribute about 3.1% of the conversion rate. But, for really high-performing ones, they go up to 9.28%.

However, it’s also best to remember here not to use them across your entire site. Instead, you must understand your audience’s goal before placing an opt-in form on a particular page. It won’t do to place one on the payment page if the customer is already intent on buying your product. That will just ruin their buying experience.


Fact: many landing pages fail to convert visitors. This is mainly due to some crucial factors such as poor design, information overload, and ineffective CTA. Remember, a great landing page increases conversions and helps you reach your revenue goals also helps in Improve Your Shopify Store.

So, be sure to create straightforward CTAs, clear copy that addresses your customer’s pain points, visually appealing images, engaging headlines, and customer testimonials and reviews.


If you’re looking for a way to establish a strong connection with your brand and your customers, then you can count on loyalty and rewards programs. They are incentives that make for an effective customer retention strategy. In fact, about 77% of customers shared how a good customer loyalty program makes them more likely to stay with the brand.

When it comes to customer acquisition, referral programs are also a must. Even a surprising statistic states people are four times more likely to buy a product or service if a friend refers them. It’s also a win-win situation for everyone since the referring person may also end up with a discount or reward.


Give your customers instant gratification and accelerate their buying decisions by offering live chat features on all your product pages. It is basically the easiest way to reduce any type of decision making friction. Instead of emailing your store and going to the FAQ page, your customer can easily reach you and get the information they need, experiencing great customer service.

These are just some of the simple tweaks that you can do to Improve Your Shopify Store. If you’d like to know more and get started, you can check out Nivara Inc. today.

September 15, 2021
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